My First Post

Well, here it is.  My first post on my new blog.  I’m sure you’re all wondering “Snow Monkey?  Really?  Why did you name it that?”  Well the simple answer is that everything I tried was already taken, so I had to use my imagination.  Snow Monkeys to me represent a counterintuitive concept.  We usually expect monkeys to live in tropical climates, so the idea of them living in snowy regions is contrary to the natural way of thinking.  I find that my views are often contrary to conventional thinking or the herd mentality, so I felt that it was a fitting title.

For those of you who are new to my writing, I began my blogging career with a site called Dinar Douchebags, where I wrote about a so-called investment in the Iraqi dinar.  It turned out to be a scam and unfortunately I was one of the scammed.  When I realized my mistake I started a blog to expose the fraud and the fraudsters.  I enjoyed blogging so much that I felt I should start a new blog where I could write about other topics.  Thus, The Snow Monkey.

In this blog it’s pretty much “anything goes”.  One week I might write about Justin Beiber and the next I might write about Vladimir Putin.  One week a movie review, the next week breakthroughs in science and technology.  One week the Super Bowl, the next my views on the latest Supreme Court ruling.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on all of these things or even any of these things.  What I am is a guy who has opinions and enjoys sharing those opinions in this format.  I enjoy discussion and debate, and I’ve found that I learn a lot from exchanges with other informed people who also have strong opinions that they want to share.  Hopefully I’ve also provoked others to open their minds and consider a different viewpoint as well.  Cheers!



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